PROFHILO® BODY intervenes in the physiological process of skin aging. It has been designed for Tissue Remodeling and Improvement in skin Laxity1.

PROFHILO® Body where the skin appears loose and with a loss of turgor and skin loose and with loss of turgor and skin tone, bringing to treated area natural and long lasting dermal renewal.



  • Increase in Skin Hydration of 42%
  • Increase in skin elasticity of 6%

When to use

Suitable for

  • Slow down signs of aging
  • Improve skin density
  • Reduce signs of wrinkles

Pack size



matrixyl helps remodelling tissue and restoring the dynamism of the cell function.

complex of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids (sodium salt) in high concentrations and matrixyl .

the hyaluronic acid protects the skin and maintains an optimal level of hydrations.



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Profhilo® Figura Body Cream 150ml


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