The anti-aging integral mask is a soft, ready-to-use fabric mask soaked in a gel rich in active plant ingredients with anti-aging properties. In just 15 minutes, it provides the skin with the equivalent of a 35ml bottle of concentrated anti-aging serum.

Plant Placenta: stimulates cell regeneration and repairs the skin after 2 days. Brings an immediate and long-lasting hydration. Leads to a smoothing effect of the cutaneous micro relief.
Marine collagen: prevents and reduces wrinkles and fine lines by redensifying the epidermis.
Extract of quinoa: forms a film on the surface of the skin for an immediate tensor effect.
Vegetable sugars: protect the skin from dehydration by capturing water.
Shea oil: offers the skin a bath of nutrition and comfort.

Tested under dermatological control.


Plant Placenta, marine collagen, extract of quinoa (firming agent), plant sugars, shea oil.

How to use

In treatment: apply the mask once a week for 3 weeks. Extend the treatment for an additional 3 weeks, if necessary.
Maintenance: one mask per month throughout the year.
Occasionally: for an immediate radiance boost.

Single use. External use.


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Placentor Vegetal Integral Anti-Aging Mask 3x35G


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