Migliorin Tricox is a dietary supplement with 20 capsules, 20 tablets and 20 gel capsules containing minerals, vitamins, plants and derivatives. Migliorin Tricox is especially developed to fight excessive hair loss and to encourage natural re-growth for full and vital hair. Helps to normalize the production of sebo and dandruff.



minerals, vitamins, amino acids, plants and derivatives


Strengthens the roots and the scalp
Helps to normalize the production of sebo and dandruff
Improves the production of Keratin

How to use

To be used in case of anomalous loss of hair, as well as to encourage re-growth.
One tablet in the morning, one gel capsule at lunch, one capsule at dinner; to be swallowed with water.

Pack size

120`s for 40 days


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Migliorin Tricox 40’s


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