For weak hair with a tendency to fall out. With hair growth factors that slow down the hair loss process and stimulate the growth of new hair.



With three growth factors, Anti Hair-Loss Ampoules slow down hair loss, stimulate growth of new hair, boost hair density and improve adherence to the scalp. It contains three growth factors (biotinyl, oleanolic acid, apigenin and a vitamin complex), among other ingredients. For stronger, thicker hair.

How to use

Oxygenate the scalp with 2 min brushing. Open the ampoules and screw the application on as far as it will go. Apply the entire content on the affected area of the scalp. Massage gently with your fingertips to ensure maximum penetration of the product. One Ampoule daily.

Product Form


Pack size

28 Ampoules , 3ml


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MartiDerm Hair System Anti Hair Loss Ampoules 28’s


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