Chronic hair loss is marked by a gradual reduction in hair density. Therefore, to mitigate the psychological consequences that may result from this condition you should consider investing in local treatments enriched with stimulating, fortifying, as well as energizing actives. These treatments are capable not only of strengthening the roots but also of increasing hair growth.

In this sense, Ducray has developed the neoptide serum which will be able to delay hair loss, stimulate normal hair growth and simultaneously prolong the hair’s lifetime. Moreover, since it strengthens the roots in the scalp neoptide expert gives a more voluminous and dense effect on the scalp.

To this end, this serum is formulated with targeted active ingredients that act on the hair follicle, its growth cycle, and its environment (the scalp), most notably:

-Anchorane™, a milk thistle extract that stimulates hair growth while acting directly on the cells involved in hair growth. In addition, this ingredient also has firming, densifying, and fortifying properties.
-Lespedeza to regulate the hair cycle and delay hair loss.
– Mangalidone to promote microcirculation, metabolic activity, and fixation of the hair to the scalp.

Thanks to a specific non-greasy formula that penetrates quickly, this care increases hair density, strength, and thickness. Hair becomes stronger and easier to style as a result.



  • Delays hair loss.
  • Stimulate normal hair growth.
  • Prolongs the life span of the hair.
  • Strengthens the roots in the scalp.
  • More voluminous and dense effect on the scalp.
  • Non-greasy formula that penetrates quickly.
  • Stronger and easier to manage hair.

How to use

Hair serum with anti-hair loss action. Ideal for situations of chronic hair loss.

To apply we recommend applying 8 sprays, once a day. Then, massage with your fingertips for the product to act. It is important to ensure an even application along the entire scalp.

This serum is also recommended for hair transplant situations. In these situations we recommend that you apply it as follows:

-15 days before and up to the day of the transplant you should apply 8 sprays to the entire scalp, dry or wet. Gently massage the product into the skin until it is absorbed.
– 4 days after transplant, apply 8 sprays under a piece of gauze and apply to the transplanted area for 15 days.
– After complete recovery, apply 8 sprays to the transplanted area with your fingers. Massage gently.

To wash your hair, prefer the anti-hair loss care of the brand.

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Ducray Neoptide Expert Serum 2x50ml


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