Biocellulose care masks impregnated with 10mL of plumping and soothing serum combined with an audio coaching of sophrology on the theme of your choice.

D-Stress Relax your mind and your facial features
Letting Go Learn to step back from situations
Tension Release Free yourself from your physical and mental tensions
Deep Relaxation Deeply relax your body and mind
Rejuvenation Intensely replenish your mind and your skin

The Sophro Coaching are composed of :

  • an audio session of sophrology to listen to during the mask break
  • and a protocol of complementary exercises to be done over a period of 1 month to achieve the desired goal.


Hyaluronic acid

Naturally present in the skin, it decreases with time. This active ingredient hydrates the skin by retaining water and improves its elasticitý.

Resistress® Active

Extracted from the Sophora Japonica flower, it acts as an “anti-stress shield ” for the skin by stimulating its self-defence.

Rose Hydrosol

Known for its soothing and anti-oxidant properties on the skin and for calming stress and nervous tension.

How to use

Direction for use

1. After you purchase and have your mask the package will have an access code

Access your Sophro Coaching: Create or login

2. Put on your care-mask: Remove the 2 white sheets on both sides of the mask. Place the transparent gel mask on your skin

3. Start your audio sophrology session by clicking on the “play” button

4. Practice your complementary exercises of sophrology following the indicated protocol for 1 month

Pack size

(Recommended: 1 mask every 10 days)

*Headphones not included in product


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SOPHRO MASKS® Calm Beauty | Sophrology mask


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