The Roofa cleansing water, cleanses the skin in depth, keeping it elastic and hydrated thanks to the action of two active ingredients: panthenol and calendula. It provides a feeling of freshness and comfort, without dryness or greasiness. As it is a water-based product, micellar water is respectful of delicate skin, and provides a soothing effect. At the same time, as it does not contain alcohol or parabens, it is perfect for treating skins intollerant to these substances. It contains a very low percentage of perfume, which also does not contains allergens, avoiding the possibility of skin irritation in sensitive skins.

It can be used by mums to remove make-up, as a make-up removal routine, or to clean the baby when changing the diaper. It is very useful to spray it directly onto the baby’s body, as it provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort.



  • Thermal water
  • Panthenol
  • Calendula Officinalis flower extract

How to use

  • Soak a cotton pad or spray directly over the skin.
  • Rinse
    Clean carefully when changing the diaper or during the morning or evening bath.

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Roofa Cleansing water ( Natural ) 200 ML


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