Promise Pure DHA Capsules contains vitamins and minerals for pregnancy and lactation which is rich in iron to prevent iron deficiency. It also relieves fatigue and for healthy hair and skin. This completely pure, pharmaceutical-grade oil, is tested to ensure it’s safe and free from impurities including mercury. Promise DHA provides 275mg of DHA in only one strawberry-flavored soft gel per day.



  • Supplement for lactating and pregnant mothers
  • It helps the body to fight against stress and fatigue
  • It gives iron supplementation for proper supply of oxygenated blood in the body

How to use

  • For adults, take one soft gel capsule daily preferably with a full glass of water
  • It is highly recommended to leave 2 hours between iron rich supplements and calcium supplements

Pack size

60 capsules


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Promise pure DHA capsules 60’s


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