This ultra-moisturizing gel-cream combines the freshness of a gel with the comfort of a cream to reveal infinitely soft skin.
It melts immediately on the skin to intensely and durably moisturize it. Its light texture, immediately absorbed, allows a fast dressing.

Calendula extract: Nourishes and soothes sensations of discomfort.
Plant-based sugars (from wheat): Moisturizes and increases the skin’s water reserves.
Allantoïne (active ingredient of reference in dermatology): Fights against the signs of cutaneous dryness: scales, desquamations and rough touch.
Plant Placenta: Hydrates, regenerates and protects the skin
Vegetable oil of apricot kernel + squalane (resulting from the olive and the sugar of cane): Nourishes the skin

Suitable for the whole family. Children from 3 years old.
Tolerance tested under dermatological control.


Plant Placenta, calendula, allantoin, apricot oil, vegetable sugars, vegetable glycerin, vegetable squalane (from olive or cane sugar).

How to use

Dry skins

Unpleasant sensations
: sensations of discomfort, continuous tightness,

Visible signs
: fine, rough skin, inconspicuous pores, dull complexion, dry patches and/or flaking,
lack of elasticity.

Unpleasant sensations
: sensations of discomfort, localized and punctual tightness.

Visible signs
: fine lines are visible at the corners of the eyes or on the cheeks (dehydration lines),
appearance of scales after make up.

Apply daily, preferably after shower or bath.

External use.


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Placentor Vegetal Ultra moisturizing Body Emulsion 400ml


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