NEWMELAN DAY & NIGHT® by Dr. Eduardo Krulig is the synergistic combination of several assets, acting simultaneously blocking the different stages that are related in the formation of Melasma.NEWMELAN DAY & NIGHT acts in several stages of melanogenesis, inhibiting inflammatory processes, tyrosinase, the process of oxidation of tyrosine and the formation of melanin. It acts at the level of melanocytes, and melanosomes, superficial layers of the skin.



  1. Anti-inflammatory action
  2. Antioxidative action
  3. Protection against solar radiation – positive action of “systemic photoprotectors”
  4. Inhibition of melanocyte activity
  5. Tyrosinase inhibition
  6. Inhibition of melanin synthesis and transfer
  7. Melanin removal
  8. Destruction of melanin granules
  9. Rejuvenation


  1. Eliminates Hyperpigmentation in short period of time
  2. Produces a skin renovation a light peel
  3. Improves the beauty of the skin
  4. Redensifies the dermis
  5. Improves skin texture
  6. Promotes neocollagenesis
  7. No down time

When to use

Melasma • Lentigoes  • PIH (Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) • Post-acne hyperpigmentation  • Acantosis nigricans • Photo-aging and chrono-aging • Opaque skin without luminosity • Prevention and treatment of post-peeling hyperpigmentation.

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NewMelan Day & Night Depigmenting Cream 30gm

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