Triple effect for Correction of the under eye bags , dark circles and wrinkles . Instant results : smooth hydrated skin . In 15 Days : Significant decrease in skin redness , water loss and appearance of dark circles . In 30 days : Reduction of dark circles by 21% and significant decrease in wrinkle quality by 46% Directions for use : Apply Twice Daily on clean skin . 1.Use your ring finger . 2.Scoop up a pea-sized amount of product. 3.Gently tap small dots under your eyes, starting in the innermost corner and moving outward. 4.Pat the product into your skin. 5.Wait 2 minutes to let the cream fully absorb. 6.Apply the rest of your skin care products



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Glamylab Beautifying Eye contour Filler gel (30gm)


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Brand: Glamylab
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